Counseling And Therapists, And Caregivers Essay

Counseling And Therapists, And Caregivers Essay

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This article seemed to want to hit counselors and therapists, and caregivers.

This article seemed to want to hit counselors and therapists, and caregivers.

The general feel of this article was to try and get a better understanding of anxiety disorders in families. Though out this article it is clear that there are just too many different kinds of variables to take into account to get the evidence need to prove this idea or theory. When taking a step back and just thinking about everything that can cause a child to have an anxiety disorder that trying to limit it too, family functioning, attachment, beliefs, parental rearing is limiting it.

This article tried to take into account of four different aspects of parenting and see if there were any overlapping issues that happen with anxiety disorder in families. Taking a look at the, family functioning, attachment, beliefs, parental rearing was one of the key things that were viewed closely to see if they were any overlapping factors. After this part failed to show any real results, the authors took a look into the genetic heritability but overall could only conclude that there is little evidence that identifies family factors to be the cause of child anxiety.

There were only four families use in the study, which I feel is what really hurt the final outcome. There were some empirical data throughout, but none of it really helped to prove any points. The only thing that was even worth the read was the genetic aspect the rest of the study seemed to have no real point.

The limitations from my point of view is really just using four families in the study. I know the smaller the group the better the chances of getting good results. This really puts a damper on what could have bee...

... middle of paper ...

...tudy seemed to have no really point.

The limitations from my point of view is really just using four families in the study. I know the smaller the group the better the chances of getting good results. This really put a damper on what could have been an awesome study. Just having a couple more families may have help get a true understanding, but having 4 is not going to help a study get to the true heart of a problem.

For this article I think I would recommend it to help get a general idea of how anxiety can effect kids but show that it is not the parents fault. Knowing may people that have anxiety I can say that it does not stem from the parents and sometime geneticist are also not to blame. My mother has anxiety issues, my aunts and a lot of my cousins, but me I do not and I feel that this article is just hitting the surface, whichever way turn out to be true.

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