Essay on Counseling and Advocacy in Diverse Poupulation

Essay on Counseling and Advocacy in Diverse Poupulation

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Counseling and Advocacy in Diverse Population

Unit 7 Culturally Relevant Strategies
The primary goal of an elementary school counselor is to establish a rapport with the students and lay the foundation for youth to grow and fill the positions of next generation citizens, parents and business leaders. Another role of a counselor is to help students strengthen skills such as adapting to various environments and how to develop behaviors that will work in their day-to-day school setting. Upon obtaining a Masters Degree in School Counseling my aspiration is to counsel students in grades K-12. Working as a school counselor will allow me to work with Hispanic students and their families. As I transition into the school counseling position, I will need to learn about the Hispanic culture in order to effectively help the students in the school. Being able to work in an environment with multicultural students and families is essential and a qualification that a counselor should possess.

Cultural Immersion
As an effort to promote multiculturalism and get acquainted with families from other cultures, our school district hosted Hispanic Heritage Night. This event was created specifically for our Hispanic families. During this event, the families, students, faculty, and staff members came together and shared various cultural experiences. Hispanic Heritage Night is held annually and is hosted at a different elementary school cite each year. The primary goal of this event is to help break down barriers for Hispanic families living in the community. Preparing for the event brought about several emotions and feelings. Being able to host an event where families are invited to come out and talk about their culture can be challe...

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