Essay on The Council Of Fraternities And Sororities

Essay on The Council Of Fraternities And Sororities

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The Council of Fraternities has embarked on major creative idea on giving back to their local community. The Council of Fraternities and Sororities (CFS), is creating a project to fund a unit within the local hospital. The idea to give back to the local communities is great method to make a difference in the local region. The main goal is to create well-organized plan of action to properly allocate the fundraising. The Council of Fraternities is focused on making plans towards improving the overall process towards allowing healthcare community to enhance their stakes. According to Kerzner (2013), the proper planning for project helps make the overall success of implementation.
Next Possible Steps
In regards the next possible steps is geared towards improving the overall fund-raising process to fix the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Some of the main lessons learned when implement to the limited feedback during the June month period there are multiple options. Now it is very important to improve their risk planning assessments. The steps of risk management would start with decision process. The decision-making process is focused on making 24 fraternities and sororities ideas in sync. This will create collaboration approach towards the overall success in the product. Which will allow the all the points to be analyze each part to grow into the notions to start with all the members to get their feedback on this fundraising process.

The next possible steps are due to limited aspects of the goals within the program. Now the next steps are to identify any concerns or goals for the fundraising process. The process must clearly defined plan of action. According to Youngberg (2011), in order to properly implement a plan the steps are foc...

... middle of paper ...

... The funding is geared towards making top-notch funding. Some of the major challenges with fundraising are finding money to accomplish the mission, getting the word out of the project and strategic planning (Guidestar, 2005).

Now all these challenges play a major role in properly allocating money towards this hospital the main goals is to finding the proper organizations whom would be interested in donating their money into the mission of building the pediatric center. Now many organizations are interested in taking part because of their overall return.

The challenge of making fundraising more effective making plans to fix goals. Now the challenges are making plans to fix issues prior to major indications. The major goal is to have a proper backup plan to fix any possible issues. This is major plan to fix plans donations towards implementing pediatric center.

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