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The Council For Human Rights Essay

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First, describe your organization:

1. Its story

The Council for Human Rights, formerly known as The Tolerance, Equality, and Awareness Movement (TEAM), was incorporated in 2010 through the State of Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs department as a human rights organization that would work on a broad human rights agenda encompassing the “30 human rights,” which are defined by the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948. The Council for Human Rights has a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt purpose that is charitable and educational for the advancement of a 21st century human rights agenda. A 21st century human rights agenda is focused on the fulfillment of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948. The Council’s charitable activities have been focused on West Michigan, while its educational activities have been focused on a larger scale (The Council for Human Rights, 2015).
The Council for Human Rights has become known for the following: Hosting the candlelight vigil for the victims of the July 2011 Grand Rapids, MI mass murders committed by Rodrick Dantzler; counter-protest “human peace chain” against the Westboro Baptist Church’s planned funeral picketing of former First Lady of the United States Betty Ford; organizing a coalition to create a community response to the homophobic, transphobic, and misogynistic protests of the local chapter of the Black Hebrew Israelites, which is considered a black supremacy hate group. As the organization proceeds with its work on human rights issues, it will focus its activities on racial equity and discrimination affecting the LGBTQ community (The Council for Human Rights, 2015).

2. Its core values

The core values of The Council for Human Rights ...

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... Council for Human Rights has embraced technology as a tool to enhance its capacity and functionality. Technology provides organizations with additional tools that cannot be duplicated in an efficient and effective manner by traditional resources. For instance, CRM software is more effective at relationship management than writing information about organization relationships down on a sheet of paper because it provides an instantly searchable database. This allows the organization to meet its need of mission fulfillment more efficiently.


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