Could Open Source Help Your Business? Essay

Could Open Source Help Your Business? Essay

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CS 308 -Technical Writing
When To Open Source Software
The focus of almost all businesses is to make money; those in the software industry are no different. Software manufacturers and other technology companies face the same dilemmas: they compete in a market that evolves rapidly while attempting to supply the impatient public, even more impatient corporations, and governments with software that meets their needs. Many strategies are available to these software companies, but one of the most viable, modern options is open source. Open source refers to the availability of the source code of a software product, any one can view and edit the source code as much as they like as long as they don't turn around and sell the modified source code. Open source allows companies to utilize a diverse group of developers to create large-scale, reliable software solutions without incurring the cost of traditional software development. While this solution is not the best in every situation, many businesses can benefit from releasing their proprietary source code under an open source license. Specifically, those businesses can expect to increase productivity, market share, and customer trust.
Better Productivity
One of the obvious benefits to businesses supporting open source is lower cost to the company. By taking advantage of the efforts of willing members in the open source community to produce and review code, test and debug, and maintain software, businesses save money. There is a large network of programmers that are willing to work for free to improve software that they believe to be useful [8, 12, 14]. Schmidt notes that open source developers often contribute to projects in order to be “recognized by her [sic] peers” or ...

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