Essay The Costs Of Revolution By Charles Inglis

Essay The Costs Of Revolution By Charles Inglis

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An Analysis About the Interpretations of the Document “The Costs of Revolution” Created Between American Colonists in Support of the American Revolution and Those Not in Support.
“Where is the money to come from which will defray this enormous annual expense of three million sterling, and all those other debts.” Charles Inglis questions his audience in regards to paying for a revolution against Britain. Imagine you are a colonist one year after the revolution against Britain has begun. Would you agree or disagree with loyalist Inglis?
If you were in support of a revolution you would most likely disagree and be enraged with Inglis’ statement, however if you did not want a revolution you would agree with Inglis because you want to do anything to discourage a revolution.
An overall audience is divided by different views of an expensive cost of a revolution. Inglis opens his document by asking the colonists a rhetorical question “where is the money to come from which will defray…all [the] debts” (1). This type of language technique forces the colonists to come up with their own answer; but then Inglis intentionally leads his viewers to form an opinion about his statement when he himself answers it in the next sentence with “I know not” (1). He intentionally tells the colonists what he wants them to think because he is trying to convince them to not have a revolution.
As an American businessman who does not want rebellion in their country reads this, they would agree that there is no money for a war. Also, since they are of the elite class in America they would not want to have to work more to pay off the debts that they did not want in the first place. However, an American idealist who supported a rebellion would feel that...

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...persuasive document directed toward American colonists to prevent them from rebellion, but in his efforts he creates two different audiences.
Through logos and ethos Inglis speculates that a revolution would be too expensive in an attempt to persuade colonists who want to have a revolution away from rebelling against Britain. Although he attempts to turn them away from rebelling against Britain he ends up upsetting these colonists and making them dislike loyalists even more. With insults towards their professions and creating a tone of hopelessness he enrages the colonists; simultaneously appealing to the colonists not in favor of a revolution. During this urgent time, it would have been crucial for loyalists to understand how to manipulate their opponents, therefore making Inglis’ inability to get through to his audience a vital reflection for the future.

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