The Costs Of Corruption Of Romania Essay

The Costs Of Corruption Of Romania Essay

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The costs of corruption in Romania cannot be fully measured. From difficulty securing foreign investments to the mysterious disappearance of taxpayer dollars, the consequences of corruption range from a lifeless economy to a grave lack of public trust in democratic institutions. More, researchers have long suspected that corruption acts as a push factor for migration. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis recently warned that a so-called “brain-drain” caused by mass migration of young, educated workers to Western Europe threatens economic stability (Departamentul Comunicare Publică, 2015).
Corruption also presents a pressing problem for Romania’s ability to gain—and maintain—an international footing in the region. NATO plans to make its Multinational Divisional Headquarters South-East in Romania. Corruption at the highest levels of government threatens Romania’s ability to prove itself a reliable partner in the region. Romania’s elected leaders must be above suspicion, trusted to place regional security and international partnership ahead of personal interests.
Unfortunately, an undeniable reluctance to proactively curb corruption in government exists among many of Romania’s political elite. Reform measures Romania adopted to satisfy EU conditionality, on closer inspection, all too often fail to manifest into measureable progress in reducing corruption. Since accession in 2007, many of the EU’s Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) monitoring reports chastise Romania for backtracking on anti-corruption reforms.
Transparency International’s 2014 Corruption Perception Index ranks Romania last among European Union member states (tied with Greece, Italy, and Bulgaria for rank 69 out of 175). The irony that Romania enjoys one of ...

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...ich groups.
The scarcity of information on the relationship between party system competitiveness and corruption in post-communist transition governments is regrettable because it is the sort of information that would add to the relatively few public choice studies concentrating on the causes of corruption using micro-level determinants, particularly exploring the concept via a single-country, across-time comparative perspective. The evidence may help provide relevancy for anti-corruption measures in post-Soviet, semi-consolidated democracies.
Recognizing government corruption as a principal-agent problem for voters, this paper would contribute to studies on how democratic competition impacts corruption by exploring the relationship between political party competitiveness and political corruption in post-communist Romania using an across-time comparative perspective.

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