Costs Associated With Ineffective Leadership Essay

Costs Associated With Ineffective Leadership Essay

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Costs Associated with Ineffective Leadership
Military health care organizations face many of the same logistical challenges as their civilian counterparts. While the military health system as a whole performs satisfactorily in comparison, inadequate leadership directly affects the business model, and contributes to financial losses along with increasing the potential for errors. When examining the financial implications of poor leadership within a healthcare organization, several distinct outcomes become apparent. Dunham-Taylor and Pinczuk (2006), explain that ineffective leadership at any level can dramatically effect the balance sheet. Some of these concerns directly relate to decreased satisfaction on the part of staff, patients and providers, while other factors are indirectly related. Of these indirect factors, this assignment focuses on quality of care and employee turnover.
Quality of Care
The military’s quality of life has dramatically improved over the last few decades, and these enhancements include access to better medical care. The acceptable standard in the military health care setting used to consist of basic medical care delivered in inadequate facilities. Active duty patients and their family members were limited to the military health care system and the services that they offered. In contrast, recently the military health care organization has been at the leading edge of medical studies, and is incorporating an innovative model of care for all its clinics (Military Health System Communications Office, 2014). The military health care team now employs highly skilled medical personnel at updated facilities using advanced technologies that provide quality health care to the more than 1.4 million activ...

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... government for replacement. Supervisors that provide quality leadership on the other hand, positively affect those under them through inspiration. Proper leadership includes taking an active role in a subordinate’s career without micromanaging. Mentorship directly influences quality of care provided because standards are emphasize to ensure that excellent health care is delivered.
While various issues detract from care and result in negative financial outcomes, it is easy to mitigate some hazards. The military health care system is capable of providing a reliable service to military personnel and eligible beneficiaries; especially if well-managed personnel deliver the care. It is dependent on the leaders within the organization to ensure that their workers receive guidance and support in order to provide the best possible outcome for their customers.

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