Costa Coffee And The United Kingdom Essay

Costa Coffee And The United Kingdom Essay

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Costa Coffee is a British multinational coffeehouse company and is the second largest coffeehouse chain in the world behind Starbucks and is the biggest in United Kingdom. Being a big fan of coffee has prompted me to select Costa Coffee as an interesting place to observe. I visited one of their branches in Oxford Road, Manchester twice, once on Thursday morning around ten to eleven o’clock, and once on Saturday afternoon around three to four o’clock. I picked these time to visit the shop as it is when most people are most likely to be having their breakfast and tea, so that I can observe the different types of customers and able to get a more representative analysis.
As I stepped into the shop, the aroma of roasted coffee wafted heavily through the shop. I walked to the till and get myself a cup of hot cappuccino. At the counter, I was attended by a polite young lady with a sweet smile plastered on her face. There were three other ladies and two men working at the shop. All of them were dressed up neatly in brown uniforms, with their hair neatly pulled back into a bun or ponytail for hygienic purposes. They had their job distributed equally. Three of them were in charge of making the drinks, while one was in charge of the cashier and the other lady cleaned the tables after customers left. They would enquire the customers about their preference of milk content, whipped cream and cocoa powder for the topping of their drinks. The baristas would say “Enjoy your coffee” while handling customers their drinks.
Soft and relaxing music were played in the shop. There is a book rack in the corner arranged with books and some other reading materials. A charity book sale was going on in the shop and the funds collected will go to the Costa F...

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... was decorated with banners and Christmas decorations, making the place looked so cozy. Costa Coffee is also offering Christmas drinks and seasonal coffee syrups in lovely packaging, which I think are ideal gifts for coffee lovers. Besides, the take out cups for Christmas are out and their design is more elegantly beautiful than ever. Not to be missed are the delicious-looking festive goodies like the caramel and rich chocolate Billionaire’s Tart, orange and cranberry muffin and Pigs in Blankets panini. Other than that, the usual snacks like breakfast bar, cookies, dried fruits and nuts, pies and sandwiches are also on sales.
Observing Costa Coffee gave me an insight into how business are operated on a daily basis, what companies do to make their products appear more attractive to their customers, and how important it is to treat customers with courtesy and respect.

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