The Cost Of Wind Power And Hydroelectric Essay

The Cost Of Wind Power And Hydroelectric Essay

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With the rising concern in regards to conventional carbon based energy such as oil and charcoal many nations have found alternatives to this unclean way of producing energy some alternatives are dangerous, cause ecological damage, have a low power output efficiency and their effects on tourism. Those concerned about energy generation often compare and contrast Hydroelectric power farming in the form of dams and wind farming through the use of wind turbines; when the two are compared the findings show an obvious superior in the form of wind farming.
The cost of wind power and hydroelectric vary in massive ways costing what they do for different reasons. With a dam the cost of building is where the bulk of the cost comes into play with a price tag in some cases around 1.56 billion dollars to 20 billion dollars. With the price difference coming from the size of the dam a bigger dam costing more than a small dam due to its long production time along with the cost of materials including steel rebar, concrete and, the actual water turbines that are used to produce power.(“Questions and Answers About Large Dams”) On the other hand a wind turbine costs much less with a figure ranging from 1.3 million to 4 million dollars depending on the amount of energy the turbine creates, making the cost difference between wind and hydroelectric power in the billions. Showing that wind farming is a superior to hydroelectric as far as cost goes (“How Much Do Wind Turbines Cost”). In the end this cost is felt the most by taxpayers whose money goes into making a multibillion dollar dam when the money could be better spent on the education of their children, the safety of their roads or the security of their city.
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...their trunks to break and crack. The damage goes out even further to the ocean where the silt is diluted into the sea water before it is diluted it kills more fish and after it is diluted, because of its large quantity it acts as a natural pollutant causing damage for years to come. (“DamNation”) Hydroelectric energy on the other hand is a clean form of energy harnessing the wind into energy. There are few if any impacts on the environment as there is no build-up of harmful products. Once again showing that wind farming is a superior option.
The large amount of dams and other hydroelectric power is very large which is a problem as stated above. The switch to wind farming may be an expensive and long endive but is healthier than the use of dams and other less clean options. If there is no switch to a better cleaner option, there will be negative effects on the planet

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