Essay about The Cost Of Tuition Is Expensive

Essay about The Cost Of Tuition Is Expensive

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Attending a college or university has become a controversial topic in the United States because the cost of tuition is expensive. It is a known fact that the price of college tuition has continuously risen over the decade, which makes students weary on if a college degree is worth the debt. College requires a great deal of time and energy, which is a commitment the student will need to determine they are willing to make. College is not for everyone and people are aware of that, however college is the only way obtain certain jobs, such as a doctor, engineer, etc. College is one of many ways to ensure students have a successful future because it vastly increases options in the job market, helps students connect and network, and teaches valuable skills required for certain jobs.
The job market is extremely competitive and obtaining a four year degree will likely increase your odds of success. Employers are more willing to hire a student with a college degree over a high school diploma or a GED. The students who attend college are trained in that specific area and have higher qualifications. College graduates are also earning more money compared to the average high school graduate. The opportunities for high school only graduates have collapsed, which has made jobs more scarce for these people. An employer will likely hire a college graduate over a high school only graduate because they are more qualified and have shown their ability to excel in a college environment. Enrolling in a college to gain an advantage for a position is not the only reason why college is worth the cost.

College offers an opportunity to connect with friends, colleagues, and create a network for the future. College is the time for students to learn new ide...

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...dents money in tuition compared to if that student chose to attend an out of state university. It is possible for students to graduate from college debt free if they do the right steps. College is important because it helps develop and produce a successful possible employer, which makes it worth the price.
In summary, attending a college or university can potentially be very expensive, but students are able to obtain a degree, network with a diverse group of people, and learn various skills, which makes attending college worth the expense. College offers students an opportunity to seek different options for their future with knowledgable professors and advisors. Students are able to develop and identify oneself during their college experience. Attending a college or university can open many doors for success including a well paying job, a network, and an education.

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