The Cost Of Tuition At An Institution Of Higher Education Essays

The Cost Of Tuition At An Institution Of Higher Education Essays

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College students are wanting the solution for the cost of tuition to attend an institution of higher education. A solution that effectively helps students and their families save money for one of the most expensive things a person will spend money on. Fixed tuition, also known as guaranteed tuition, is slowly growing in the nation and is even a program some states are forced to offer college students. Fixed tuition is one of several solutions against the rising cost of tuition of America’s higher educational institutions. This policy helps college students fight against the steady rising costs of college tuition. Fixed tuition can also help students graduate on time. The policy however does face opposition from those who have concerns over its drawbacks. The policy of tuition allows students to budget for their education, incentivizes students to obtain their degree on time and is criticized for the problems that are coming up in the plan.
College has been on the rise for many years now and does not look like it is going to stop anytime soon. The first advocacy solution to get people into college and to be able to afford it was the GI Bill just after World War II. “The GI Bill was an unexpected success, Thelin says, enrolling just under 8 million veterans — 10 times the number the authors of the bill had predicted” (Claudio Sanchez). This revolutionary bill made it possible for serviceman whom had only obtained a high school diploma and fought over seas for years to be able to attend a college university. This bill was a complete and total success with men going to school and wanting to further their lives through obtaining a college degree. Following the GI Bill was the Master Plan for Higher Education of 1960, which embodied t...

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...ate tuition plan — established in 2004 and one of the oldest in the nation — was a great relief to her father, a cost-conscious accountant who began saving and budgeting for her college education when she was in middle school” (Johnson). Parents start to worry about how they will pay for their child’s college tuiton when the child is in high school. Every parent’s dream is for their child to get a college education and the thought of not being able to pay for it is scary. Fixed tuition helps take away some of those fears and stresses by giving a solution to help people know the amount they will have to pay will not change. Guaranteed tuition helps families save money when the student enters to when the student leaves because that locked in rate will not change on the family. Not only does fixed tuition help save money but it also helps the students graduate on time.

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