Essay on The Cost Of The Taxpayers Money

Essay on The Cost Of The Taxpayers Money

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Divorce is something that affects millions of Americans. When my grandmother got divorced, she was left with little money and no job. She was able to get a job and provide for herself, but with the poverty rates for divorced women being significantly higher than for divorced men, it is a problem in society (Gadalla, 2008). When women feel unable to provide for themselves, and in some cases their children as well, they will likely seek government benefits. This will inevitably cost the taxpayers money. A recent study of Texas showed that 13.8 billion dollars’ worth of government benefits a year was the result of poverty after a divorce (Schramm et al., 2013). It has been found that after a divorce, women are left as the main caregivers of children. This makes it more difficult to remain out of poverty when women are left to provide for children, both financially and emotionally, by themselves (Avellar & Smock 2005). It is also important to consider what should be done to ease the financial burden placed on women after a divorce. One study found that women who were educated, trained in a profession, and had health care, all had lower rates of poverty than those who had none or only some of those things (Mauldin 1990). In a Canadian study, the researchers found that one thing which decreased the amount of time that women were in poverty after a divorce was the 1997 Amendments to the Divorce Act (in Canada), which emphasizes an increase of child support after financial issues between the divorced couple is settled (Gadalla 2008). Another researcher says that intervention groups where women could discuss their difficulties and receive advice helps prevent poverty after divorce. In this paper I will discuss how divorce can put in...

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...dy, “Income Effects of Divorce in Families with Dependent Children”, was a study done in Norway. This study aimed to see how families with children were affected financially after a divorce. This study is particularly interesting since it takes place in Norway, a country with a very different economy from America. It is interesting to note that in Norway, a minimum child support fee is set and if a noncustodial parent cannot afford to pay this fee, the government will pay it but the individual without custody owes the government that money (Bratberg & Tjotta, 2008). This study found that divorced women who had custody of their children were more likely to be in poverty than were men who had custody of their children (Bratberg & Tjotta, 2008). In addition, it was found that married families with children have a lower chance of becoming poor (Bratberg & Tjotta, 2008).

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