Essay on The Cost Of Receiving A Higher Education

Essay on The Cost Of Receiving A Higher Education

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“You step out of your car on the perfect late summer day. It is the first day of college and you are excited to start a new chapter of your life. You pull out have your list of classes and the books you need for them as you head off to the bookstore to buy everything you need. The books were easily found and you take them to the checkout. The cashier rings the books up and the total comes to three-hundred fifty-six dollars and forty-five cents, that is more than you made in a month of working at your part time summer job at the local hardware store! With the cost of school and the books for your classes you barely have enough money for gas let alone lunch.” The cost of receiving a higher education can be very high and many people can find it hard to pay for it without going into debt with large loans that they need to start paying off soon after they graduate. Even though most employers want their workers to have a college degree a lot of college grads can not find jobs in their fields. The weaken United States economy already puts members of the lower class in a bind for money and the money needed for schooling has not decreased over the years. When you add all these up you get a higher cost for schooling and a higher debt rate that keeps increasing.
The college students of today, being the future of tomorrow, need to be given the opportunities for success in their higher education. Since we can not just make college free for everyone in America, we have to look at reducing the cost for the students instead of giving them loans that need to be paid off. We can look into lower the amount of money the students have to pay for textbooks and applying for programs like Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). These focusing o...

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...increase in applications would mean that taxes would be raised in order to meet the demands this is offset by amount of more people having better paying jobs instead of getting minimum wage work. Higher number of people getting a higher education by means of government aid means more people getting jobs requiring a degree and lowering unemployment and helping grow the economy.
Everyone deserves a chance at making their life better no matter of the economic situation that they were born in or fell into. Going beyond high school and furthering education by getting a two year or even four year degree can be a way of doing that. Not even one is cut out of college but that does not mean people should not try because they can not afford it. FAFSA, TAP, and second hand book stores will always be available to people to help them get a higher education and better their lives.

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