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Cost of Incarceration Essay

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What is incarceration? Incarceration is the act of placing someone in prison. Incarceration serves as a punishment for criminals due to their actions against the law. It is a solution for keeping the public safe. Prisoners follow a strict rules and schedules while following the culture within the walls among other prisoners. As a result of their crimes, convicts lose their freedom and are place among others who suffer the same fate. Crime is the cause of this establishment, but what are the effects of incarceration on convicts, their relations, and society? As the United States incarceration rate continues to increase, more people are imprisoned behind prison walls. While serving as a punishment to criminals, incarceration can create psychological and economic problems, and society suffers due to the expenses of maintaining prisons.
Incarceration creates psychological problems for incarcerated criminals. Each prisoner faces different challenges, both mentally and physically. Since each prisoner has different experiences, each prisoner is affected differently by being affected by physiological effects created by incarceration. Some of the mental problems can be curable while others have no treatment. One of the mental conditions is dependency. When people are incarcerated, they are stripped of their freedom and independence. Prisoners are forced to follow strict rules of prisons and become dependent on them. Once they brought back into the outside world, they are returned their independence and freedom. Some incarcerated people are unable to function to provide for themselves because they previously relied on prisons. They cannot function independently in society due to their reliance on others. Some prisoners, over time in pris...

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