The Cost Of Higher Education Costs Essay

The Cost Of Higher Education Costs Essay

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Anyone can see that over the past number of years, college tuition and overall costs to attend a university have skyrocketed and is at an all-time high. Although, most people are not too sure why this has happened. According to authors Robert B. Archibald and David H. Feldman in the article, “Explaining Increases in Higher Education Costs,” there are two opposing arguments as to why this has occurred over the years. These include the Cost Disease argument, which was William Baumol and William Bowen’s view of the rising cost of education and the other was the Revenue Theory of Costs, which was Howard Bowen’s view of the topic. There are multiple goals throughout this article. A couple of the goals include explaining the two competing arguments in detail and testing the arguments to conclude which one has the greater impact on the rising costs of education and if there is a way to control it.
The Cost Disease approach is a distinguished role that seems to go against the basics of economics and is based on comparisons between higher education and other industries that are similar to ...

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