The Cost Of Hardware And Software Essay

The Cost Of Hardware And Software Essay

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As mentioned previously, it may be financially prudent to keep legacy systems in place, especially in ancillary departments. These applications are typically setup in an ASP format and are fashioned after a best-of-breed model. Typically specialized software vendors can offer more customization of the program, but integration costs will need to be assessed. Epic does facilitate this type of setup by means of their Bridges Interface Toolkit (Epic, 2015). Utilization of legacy systems will decrease the integration that is inherent in the Epic product, but will cost $5,000 to $25,000 to build, implement, and test an interface engine (CIO Consortium, 2011).
Training and Implementation Costs
Past the cost of hardware and software, training and implementation costs will need to be considered. According to (2014), upfront costs per provider, can total $33,000, with an annual cost of $4,000. Training will be part of this cost as physicians, nurses, ancillary, and business office staff will need to be trained on the EHR prior to implementation. Other costs to be considered are the IT and Informatics build and testing that will occur prior to full implementation. Subject matter experts for each service will also be utilized to ensure that functionality is complementary to the practices workflows. Local Regional Extension Centers (REC) can help the facility better understand costs associated with EHR implementation, and will be utilized by our health system to ensure financial and system requirements are met ( Depending on location and eligibility, REC services can be obtained free of charge, or at a subsidized price (
Out of the (3) three systems that were viewed, Epic was the EMR system that...

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...inics will be dispersed with EMRs in a conservative timeline to allow training, familiarity and cost efficiency to all departments. The goal of implementing EMRs in the hospital-based clinics and local clinics is to ensure affordable, safe and accessible healthcare records. EMRs has the capability to bring all levels of primary care physicians to nurses and technicians. The priority as IT project manager is to increase healthcare’s efficiencies and effectiveness of improving quality and safe delivery at an effective cost.
Staff Training
In order to get everyone acclimated to the new system, there must be training before during and after the implementation. The training process will include specific training to all staff members, however it will be specific to each person’s access. This training will include, but not limited to, the following:
Classes Room Training

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