Essay The Cost Of Financing Secondary And Primary Education

Essay The Cost Of Financing Secondary And Primary Education

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The cost of financing secondary and primary education accounts for 20% of the total expenditure of the entire state’s budget of Texas. United States of America is considered the largest spender of funds in the education sector; it education budgetary allocation is more than that of Japan, France, Australia, Brazil Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Categorically, it spent more than $809billion in 2013, and the figure is expected to increase in the coming years. From a narrow perspective, Texas ranks the highest in terms of spending on education. The state spends high on two components that needs to be reviewed for any meaningful development to be realized. Medicaid is the first component of the state’s expenditure followed by expenditure (Schmidt and Shelley 560). Texas State contributes 90% towards K-12 educational program making it difficult for the state to undertake other developmental projects and programs. Although millions of dollars are spent towards K-12 educational program, the state still lag behind in terms of producing students with more than average international educational standards. For the state to address this budget deficit caused by expensive educational funding there is a need to find a budget-friendly method of funding K-12 thereby saving surplus funds for other development programs. Formulating this fair way of raising or saving funds, all stakeholders (government, business, and citizens) in Texas should collaborate in devising ways to pay for education in Texas.
Solving the problem of paying fees in Texas
The states
The state is the autonomous entity in Texas, which should come up with “water-tight” programs and initiatives to ensure that the cost of spending in the Texas education sector ha...

... middle of paper ... Texan citizens, business community, the state, the legislature, and the judiciary should collaborate and provide measures that will alleviate the problem. Currently, the business community is offering grants to students and institutions as a way of improving their brand name and image; however, the move is also lessening the burden on the budgetary problem. The executive is working on proposal that seek to increase supervisory and monitoring programs to ensure that funding and utilization of the funds has “no leaks” to render it ineffective. The legislature is involved in formulating laws that aim at cutting down the cost of funding higher learning in Texas. The institution is also cut down its budget and channeling the funds to the education sector. The judiciary is using its powers to stop more funding, alleging that it should relate to the quality of learning.

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