The Cost Of Education By Alfred Lubrano Essay

The Cost Of Education By Alfred Lubrano Essay

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The Cost of Education
Many great minds believe that education is a powerful tool. Investing in your education is the most valuable and most rewarding thing a person can do to secure their future. Influential people who have brought positive changes to the world have said: “The investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. (Franklin). “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. (Nelson Mandela). “A brighter future starts with an education”. (Montgomery).
College corrupts people, changes people and segregates families. Many people know the risk of pursuing a college education and still decide to move forward with their decision. We must ask ourselves if the cost is worth it.
Alfred Lubrano discusses several of the negative aspects to receiving a college education in ‘The Shock of Education”. In Alfred Lubrano’s book, Limbo: Blue Collar Roots, White Collar Dream, he explains that education starts in the home and explains the difference in language between the middle-class and the working-class, his findings are based on the one hundred people were interviewed, he found that parents of different social classes communicate in different languages and stated “language is a key to class”. (p.535). Michael Parenti stated that what differentiates the middle-class and the working-class is language “Cultivated, affluent, Smith College accent, free of any low-income regionalism or ruralism”. (p.326). The language in working-class families is exact and does not require interpretation. Children in working-class families learn the military style of communication, there is a single authority figure in their household, whether it is the father or the mother, any decision made is not to be discussed or challen...

... middle of paper ... and realize they were worthless, ignorant hicks”. (p.521). Many college students develop introversion and experience high levels of stress. Fear comes from adaptation to “new social norms, a set of behaviors, particular identity, and group affiliation.” (Shatkin). All the stress and negative experiences can stop a high school graduate from attending a college.
In conclusion, it is more difficult for children who come from working-class families to get an education as their family and friends may not see the benefit of it. Oftentimes these children return home from college with a different mindset, there is a distinct disconnect present as they no longer have things in common and the way they communicate has changed making family segregation another cost of education. Ultimately stating that pursuing a higher education has a price, thus college corrupts people.

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