The Cost of Dental Health Care Essay

The Cost of Dental Health Care Essay

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The economy plays an important factor of what people want to spend their money on. Dental/ oral health care is important to most people in today’s today world. Since the dental/ oral health industry is very big there are many trends that are arising such as the cost of dental care increase or decreasing, market of the industry and lastly global dental industry.
There has always been a large cost on any type of health care that is offered in a country. Whether you are paying it in taxes, directly or through insurance. Dental costs have always been high there have always been substitutes for it. But since there has been an increase in health insurance coverage people can pay for the necessary that they need to have done. Some statistics that have been found
To see industry establishment trends see appendix 3 and 4 also Canada has been a major contributor in the dental industry. For example

“Per capita spending on dental services in 2009 was $380.83.
Canadian Institute for Health Information.
Average household expenditures on private health care services in Canada in 2007: $1,932.
Spending Patterns in Canada, 2007. Statistics Canada.
Federal spending on public dental programs in 2009 was between $250 to $275 million dollars.
Canadian Institute for Health Information “(Can Dent Assoc 2010).

Each country in today’s world has their own growth and their own dental care system. As you can see in appendix 5 and 6 you will see “Scorecard assessment of state of evidence for action, leadership, resources and health systems in important areas of oral health”(Beaglehole Pg 90). The global scale is organized in 3 categories high income, middle income and low income countries. High income countries world population is on...

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