The Cost Minimization Analysis ( Cma ) Essay

The Cost Minimization Analysis ( Cma ) Essay

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The first method described above is termed cost-minimization analysis (CMA). CMA has the advantage of being the simplest of the of all the pharmacoeconomic techniques in that the comparisons performed are considered to be equivalent, which allows one, the ease of only evaluating the cost of the medication or intervention to be looked at. This method can be highly effective when comparing equivalent treatments, but will be inappropriate when there is no equivalence between two products or if therapeutic equivalence cannot be demonstrated . CMA will be applied more often in the health sector and we can evaluate this type of analysis as it relates to a diuretic-based antihypertensive therapy reducing cardiovascular events in older adults with isolated systolic hypertension. The CMA analysis used in this trial was able to present cost as the number-needed-to treat (NNT) of patients for 5 years to prevent one adverse event associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD) . The result of this study found the cost of 5 year NNT to prevent one adverse CVD event ranged widely from $6,843 to $37,408 in older patients with isolated systolic hypertension (ISH)7. Based on the CMA, researchers were able to conclude that diuretic-based therapy was the most cost-effective in patients that were at high risk for developing CVD, therefore confirming that the use of CMA was effective in evaluating input costs pertaining to equivalent outcomes7. The CMA method can prove to be advantageous when comparing interventions with identical outcomes, but will be of no practical use if the outcomes of the interventions are different. Thus, the disadvantages of the CMA method will lead to a limited number of meaningful applications.
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...od that should be addressed before starting or while analyzing the results of a COI. The first of which can point out that indentifying areas of high expenditure will not provide enough information to recommend that inefficiency and waste actually exist and the information gathered is limited in determining how resources are to be allocated because COI does not measure benefits13,14. It can also be argued against the COI method in that even if all costs could be attributable to specific disease could be measured accurately and the appropriate interventions were put in place, the cost savings data from using the COI method would most likely be overestimated13. Further, the COI method cannot be used to compare competing treatment interventions as the main emphasis of the COI method is to provide an estimation of the overall financial burden of a specific disease.

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