Cost-Effective and Beneficial Sustainable Architecture Essay

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My argument is how sustainable architecture can be used and how it can benefit the Earth and it’s residence in an environmental or cost-effective way. Thus, leading to exploration of the different forms, of technology and materials used. Further developing my research on how culture, or time, might have affected, what or why, the building might have been constructed in a certain way, and also how the location might have affected the designs, of the buildings.

Thomas Herzog was born in 1941, In Germany. Where in 1965, he completed his diploma for architecture at the Technische Universität München (University of München) and in 1973 he became Germany’s youngest professor of architecture at the tender-age of thirty-two. He is now known famously for his work on eco-tech architecture.

The Private House, at Regensburg, is referred to many different names, one being ‘The Burghardt house’ (from Design for the Environment). Or commonly known in Germany, as the ‘Wohnhaus an Regensburg’.

The wedge-shaped home, is situated in a residential area between numbers of multi-storey buildings, which date back to the 1950s. During this cultural time, the public became aware of the energy crisis, following in the wake of the oil crisis in the 1970s, thus there was a brief setback to the use of glass. Which introduced the use of glass architecture, where architects and engineers, were experimenting on making glass adaptable and releasing its full potential in structures. The use of glass was to capture solar energy, and hence the use of natural sources of energy, in an environmentally compatible way. In addition to these passive measures, there are also active systems, which are used. Such as solar collectors ...

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