Cost And Quality Of Health Care Essay

Cost And Quality Of Health Care Essay

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Cost and Quality of Health Care
It’s shocking to know that consumers are not provided with sufficient factual information on the issue of today’s health care. The tendency in health care is that consumers continue to assume that providers with high cost provide higher-quality care than do low-cost providers and this at most is not the case (N.A., 2013). In a research study on the basis of quality and cost; 1,421 adult respondents were least likely to select high-cost providers as high-value providers if the cost information was provided in a form of ranking (N.A., 2013). A systematic review of the study by Casale and colleagues (2007), Korda & Eldridge (2011) compared the importance of bundled services in health care and found that bundling health care services greatly influenced the cost of hospital services which reflected a drop of by 5%.
A case study looking at health care spending trends by Lieberthal (2013) illustrated that total payments were gradually increasing both between and within years with an average daily spending that was statistically significantly different in each year. Looking at both individual and combined health plans, the average spending rose from $1926 in 2000 to $3740 in 2006, a 94% increase in the 6 year range. Another study reflecting cost spending in healthcare by Custer (2016) estimated that prescription drug spending had increased more than 12 percent in 2014 and will continue to extensively contribute to the growth of health care cost. Despite the increase in individual health care and cost of prescription drugs, plan spending was seen to be nearly identical at 93% increase with even greater variation towards future increases (Lieberthal, 2013). According to the Centers for Medicaid and Medi...

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...le to afford health insurance and in return develop future increases for the uninsured (Garson & Levin, 2001). In addition Garson and Levin (2001) argue that as technology of health care becomes more efficient patients will continue to see increases in health care costs.
Study Objectives and Hypotheses
What impact does health care quality and cost have towards the general consumer; after adjusting for age, gender, income level, ethnicity, job status, and the type of healthcare provider?
1. The principal objective of the primary data analysis is to determine whether there is an association between cost and quality in health care, after adjusting for age, gender, income level, ethnicity, job status, and type of healthcare provider.
2. The secondary objective is to determine the effect of higher expenditures towards the influence on the quality of care.

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