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Cosmology and the Bible Essays

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As one grows older, he begins to question life and how the universe was made. Therefore, it is vital that he has a solid worldview. This worldview has its foundation in cosmology. Cosmology is defined as the branch of science concerned with origin, structure, changes, and the final destiny of the universe. Therefore, the importance of origins/cosmology in a worldview is that it shapes how one sees the universe. Without studying cosmology, one would not have a firm foundation for his worldview because he would not understand how or why the universe was formed. Through the study of cosmology, one is able to better understand how the universe was formed and how it will one day become. Therefore, cosmology affects a worldview because it sets a foundation for the perspective of the person because it explains how the world and living things came about. Thus, once someone determines the origin of the universe, he is able to build the rest of his worldview around that one idea.
In order for cosmology affect one’s worldview, he must first study it so that he is able to better understand it. This theory can be demonstrated in Spurgeon’s article, “Astronomy As a Source of Illustration”. Spurgeon opens his article with the statement, “every student for the Christian ministry ought to know at least something of every science, he should intermeddle with every form of knowledge that may be useful in his life’s work. God has made all things that are in the world to be our teachers” (Spurgeon 404). This statement could not be more true. Through studying cosmology, students are able to understand more about the universe that God has created. Thus, learning more about God and building the foundation for their world...

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...on event. However, it is important to keep in mind that the theory must be aligned with the Bible.

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