Essay about The Cosmogonies of Genesis and the Laws of Manu

Essay about The Cosmogonies of Genesis and the Laws of Manu

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Philosophy of Religion

The cosmogonies of Genesis and the Laws of Manu
The symbolic world views of how the world was created can be described through the cosmogonies of Genesis and the Laws of Manu. It is through these theories that one can learn how the universe came into existence. Many individuals consider a certain religion to be their ultimate realm of reality, and it is within religion that these symbolic world views come into play. The cosmogony of Genesis began along a sacred history of time where god created merely by speaking. In contrast, the Laws of Manu involve creation through thought. In Genesis, there is only one god and in Laws of Manu there is more than one god. Both cosmogonies have many similarities as they have many differences, yet both of them are significant in understanding and interpreting the philosophy of religion and its traditions. Although god believes that everything he created is good, I believe that the existence of god is questionable when there is so much evil in the universe.
In Genesis, god created merely by speaking. It was god who created the heavens and earth also known as cosmos. Water was already pre-existent matter; everything else was created by god. It all began when god spoke in the darkness and said let there be light and there was light. God saw that the light was good. During the day there would be light, and the darkness would be at night. By the second and third day, god created a firmament (dome) which separated the waters from the waters. God called the firmament heaven and said that all the waters under heaven should be gathered as one allowing for dry land to appear. This created one place for the water and another place for dry land. It was the dry land that beca...

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...avings that humans have. Once that is eliminated, pain will be eliminated as well. In Buddhism it is believed that the cause can be eliminated by following the noble eight fold path known as Nirvana. The eight fold path consists of the right of understanding, the right of thought, the right of speech, the right of action, the right ofg livelihood, the right of effort, the right of mindfulness and the right of concentration. The Dalai Lama in the four noble truths is very important because they are the core foundation of the Buddhist teachings. Without them, the truth cannot be experienced and Buddha Dharma cannot be practised. The introvertive type of mystical experience is experience through mediation and raja yoga by the world of multiplicity through to the mind and then to the ultimate reality of the four noble truths known as Nirvana Bodhi.

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