Essay on Cosmetology : The Study Of Cosmetics And Their Use

Essay on Cosmetology : The Study Of Cosmetics And Their Use

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The American Heritage dictionary defines cosmetology as “The study of cosmetics and their use.” Cosmetology is more than just hair or nails. It’s a massive world of everything from cosmetics to skin care. Cosmetology opens not just one door, but multiple to other careers in this field of work.
The career of cosmetology is a positively frantic world because of the different aspects and other related fields. The research will describe the career of being a cosmetologist, what is required to become a successful stylist/cosmetologist, and the impact if this career on society. In this industry, you must be a social butterfly. You work with people all day. This includes talking and building relationships with clients and coworkers.
This career can take you into the world of esthetics.This is the maintenance of the skin. Scientists are always working with cosmetologists to create cutting edge techniques to beautify the skin. Estheticians help identify whether a client 's skin type is oily, dry, or combination. They make assessments and recommend their clients products that may improve his or her skin. Estheticians learn to recognize skin disorders as well . Potentially, if the client is treated improperly you run the risk of spreading the disease to other clients or yourself. Having a clean environment is crucial.
Other careers in the cosmetic world are things like manicurists and nail technicians. Many people may not put much thought into it., but to be a nail tech or manicurist, you have to understand a lot, especially the anatomy of nails. Nails techs follow a number of steps in order to keep natural nails in tacts and to keep the client in a pain free experience. These steps include cleansing the nails,moisturizing, pushing the cu...

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... some own their own shops, stores, or businesses. These individuals usually work long hours. When seeking a position, an impressive portfolio is a must, especially in this industry. It’s suggested you have pictures or photographs of your best work. having this shows the potential employer a glimpse of your personal style.
As a young female in today 's society, specifically talking about makeup, I have come to realize that women and even men, have come a long way. Developing new standards and new fashion. Breaking the stereotypes. makeup has been a major part of women 's fashion evolution. makeup is much more than just eyeshadow and lipstick, It’s a chance to transform yourself into whoever and experiment. I’ve always been about expressing oneself. i feel this industry is right up an expressive characters ally. I look forward to this going on extravagant adventure.

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