Cosmetology Is A Profession With A Long History That Requires Intense Schooling

Cosmetology Is A Profession With A Long History That Requires Intense Schooling

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Cosmetology is a profession with a long history that requires intense schooling, implements a variety of techniques, practical knowledge and a high degree of that blend of communication and psychology which most people refer to as "people skills.". The word “Cosmetology” comes from the Greek civilization, some of the very first evidence of makeup was found in Mesopotamia, people figured this out by finding their carvings and portraits. From the carvings and portraits, they can tell that mostly only the rich and “powerful” could afford to paint their faces and nails. Egyptian hieroglyphics and paintings were discovered; they suggest that men and women of both noble classes used eye shadow to enhance the sizes of their eyes. Native Americans loved human sacrifice, after they sacrificed the humans, they put makeup on their human sacrifices so the gods could see their victims face better. Beside Egyptians, Native Americans were one of the first to discover makeup. The makeup they used was usually ground from cocoa beans or made from mud.
Cosmetology also involves doing different things with hair, Dying/Cutting etc. In the 1800’s Chemists found a substance that is called Para- phenylenediamine (PPD) and discovered that it can be used in the making of temporary dye. Right after PPD was found, Hydrogen Peroxide was discovered to be a more gentle and safer substance than other substances used for hair coloring. These two discoveries made the way for Eugene Schuler, a chemist; Who created the first commercial hair dye. This dye “Aureole” was later turned into the now highly used makeup and hair care brand.
As some of the oldest markings known to date, beauty was an obvious prized possession and the use of cosm...

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...chool and got your cosmetology license, you could start your own business and with a cosmetology license you are free to work anytime you want, and as much as you want. Owning your own business, you can also make your own work schedule. You could take as many days off as you want, you can get other people to work with you, or do choose to do the job by yourself, you also get the chance to talk to and meet some new people everyday and you get to feel good because you get to help them look their best and feel great about themselves, “Happy girls are the prettiest” as Audrey Hepburn says. But to be a cosmetologist you have to have good people and listening skills. Say the person you are working with doesn’t have a picture of the hairstyle they want or the type of nails, or something like that, the only other way you to figure out what they want is to listen carefully.

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