The Corruption Of The Transplant Process Essay

The Corruption Of The Transplant Process Essay

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Every year, thousands of individuals donate their organs, whether it is a kidney, lung, or liver, legally. In the United States, donating an organ is as easy as saying yes to being an organ donor when registering for a driver’s license. The process has become extremely simple and straightforward which aids in making the idea of donating an organ and potentially saving a person’s life even more appealing to all. Despite the effort by the government, many individuals believe that the system does not do enough to quickly provide the help these chronically ill patients need. Because the already high demand for organs will only continue to increase with the growing population, some people feel they must cheat the system. The fact of the matter is this does not mean that the buying and selling of organs, in a Craigslist fashion, is acceptable. The corruption of the transplant process is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. There is no ethical way to monitor the black market sale of organs to ensure ethical treatment of people in need or proper health procedures are followed.
The first and largest concern is the ethical component that is compromised by organ sale. People in need should be treated with the utmost respect not conned into purchasing an unreasonably expensive organ that might or might not work. People should not be put in more danger in an act to save their lives. By cheating the system and exploring the possibilities of organ sale, people are dehumanized. “The integrity of the human body should never be subject to trade,” especially an incredibly dangerous and life threatening trade (Marino). The people suffering from a diseased organ deserve every bit of the dignity given to people who are healthy. There is no excuse for...

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...enefits of short cutting the transplant list through organ sales do not out weight the potential complications or lack of ethical treatment that come with the choice. Paying for organs cuts out humane regulations put in place by the medical profession. This illegal process also discriminates against the people who truly need the organs and for the people who can afford to pay for one. Developed countries with laws against organ sale see that the negative effects cancel out the good that comes from quick organ delivery; these risks cannot be ignored. Because the health regulations are considerably better in the developed world, there is a much smaller risk for infection and rejection that can harm patients even more than their chronic disease. Organ sales go against basic human right to health and ethical treatment, so they should not be allowed under any circumstance.

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