The Corruption of 1936 Germany Olympics Essays

The Corruption of 1936 Germany Olympics Essays

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What comes to mind when you think of the Olympics; Competitions, Medals, Races, Winter-Summer, Freedom? There’s more to it than meets the eye, especially when the Olympics you’re referring to is the 1936 Olympics in Germany. The actions of a corrupt Fuehrer, and a nation under his ruthless control take hold of a national spectacle and control it and manipulate it to his own desire. What occurred behind the scenes and prior to this wondrous event is unethicall, and cannot be described without words like catastrophe, annihilation, and disturbing. Hitler and the Nazi party used the Olympics as a means to assure the world that there was no cause for serious concern through the use of deception and propaganda; their success in alleviating growing concerns allowed them to continue in their persecution of Jews and others.

Background of the Olympics, before the Olympics
Hitler has had a long plan for the future of Germany. Everything he had worked to do really started in June. June 30, 1934, operation Hummingbird went underway. {Yenne 143} This was a mission led by Hitler to exterminate the competition for the upcoming election. This ensured Hitler’s victory and his reign of terror could officially begin. {Yenne 143} Just in time for the 1936 Olympic games. From February 6 to February 16, 1936, Germany hosted the Winter Olympics at Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the Bavarian Alps. Giving into the international Olympic leaders' insistence on “fair play,” German officials allowed Rudi Ball, who was half-Jewish, to compete on the nation's ice hockey team. (U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum) During the winter games, western journalists observed and reported troop maneuvers at Garmisch. As a result, the Nazi regime would minimize the military'...

... middle of paper ... the games because the 1916 games in Berlin were cancelled.( Shenkman)

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