Essay on Corruption Is A Basic Right Of The Citizens

Essay on Corruption Is A Basic Right Of The Citizens

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Corruption is prevalent in almost all administrative sectors of the government. Public administration lacks appropriate resources and is considerably performing weak due to corruption, politicization of bureaucracy and dominant patronage networks. (Bertelsmann Foundation, 2012). “Overall 66.7% of households experienced corruption in their interactions with different public service providers. An overwhelming 96.6% of households that interacted with law enforcement agencies experienced corruption. Land administration (52.7%) and judiciary (47.7%) are the next most corrupt sectors.” (Knox, 2009)
According to Transparency International public administration is the most corrupt sector in Bangladesh. Additionally the public service providers are also known as a corrupt sector and are mostly affecting the poor people. The poor people are more dependent on the public service in the country such as education and health and corruption in this sector could directly affect the poor.
Education is a basic right of the citizens in Bangladesh. According to Article 15 of the constitution of Bangladesh “ It shall be a fundamental responsibility of the State to attain, through planned economic growth, a constant increase of productive forces and a steady improvement in the material and cultural standard of living of the people, with a view to securing for its citizens: the provision of basic necessities of life, including food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care.” (Knox, 2009) The surveys show that the education system is also corrupt. According to one fourth of Bangladesh citizens education sector is corrupt and almost one third of them has paid bribe to the education administration in the country. (Transparency International, 2012) ...

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...ering and terrorism financing.
Finally, the citizens in Bangladesh are not having equal access to judicial system due to bribery and lengthy procedures. (Global Integrity, 2010) According to Business Anti-corruption portal (2012), politicization of the judiciary system is coupled with lack of resources, appropriate working conditions and training opportunities. According to a household survey in 2005, two third of the respondents, who used the court had paid an average bribe of $108 per case. (Global Corruption Report, 2007) Politicization of the judiciary system is another issue to look into. Political interference is demonstrated in appointment of junior judges to senior post. According to Naimuddin Ahmed, retired justice ‘Capability, efficiency, integrity, fearlessness and character have ceased to be criteria for appointment, promotion and transfer.’ (GPC, 2007)

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