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Corruption In Nigeria Essay

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Corruption can be defined as the use of entrusted power to accumulate public wealthy for personal benefit. Corruption is not peculiar to any country, continent or state; it is sure a global issue which is an endemic to all government all over the world. However, corruption is prevalent in the Niger delta region of Nigeria; public officers in this oil producing state of Nigeria are corrupt. Consequently, it has defied the Niger delta from developing politically and economically which has left the states reputation in a mess. Radicalization of youths, abject poverty and -political instability are the three leading effects of corruption in the Niger delta region of Nigeria.
Corruption in the Niger delta region of Nigeria has led to abject poverty in the state. State governs in the Niger delta are making living unbearable for the indigenes of state by embezzling public funds for their own purposes. For example in the New York Amsterdam News Guthrie Gray mentioned that “Despite its new wealth, however, the money allocated to Niger delta states does not appear to be getting to most of its citizens” (Guthrie Gray). The means of lively hood in the states has been destroyed by corrupt oil companies and public officers. People in the state can no more farm and fish because their land and water has been destroyed by the oil companies in the area; however, some funds are released by oil companies and the federal government but the government of the Niger delta have refused to put the funds to good use because they are corrupt. They prefer to use the funds for their own benefits, buying houses overseas and having numerous foreign accounts. For about 35 years Oil Company in the Niger delta has refused to give to the community good infra...

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...esponsible for the development of general health policies and for monitoring and evaluating health facilities. The responsibilities of building facilities, providing medicines and paying salaries, however, they are all left to the local governments” (Guthrie Gray). The state government of the Niger delta neglects their responsibilities to provide social amenities for their people; instead they say it is the local government’s responsible in providing basic social amenities for the mass. The reason for this is to enable them embezzles social funds, in order to avoid any trace or records of their misuse of public funds. As a result, public officer don’t know their duties causing misunderstanding between the local government and the state government. The corruption in Niger delta is politically destabilizing, as it leads to conflict in government and electoral crisis.

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