Corruption in Eritrean Government Essay

Corruption in Eritrean Government Essay

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In this paper I will discuss the recent history of Eritrea, its high-level of corruption and its material support to terrorist groups and goals of destabilizing both the Ethiopian government and the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia (TFG). Eritrea is a country that has, in the past and recent times, struggled economically, militarily, and also with maintaining good relations with its neighbors. The majority of its current issues can be traced back to 1993 when the country declared its formal independence from Ethiopia. This instability has caused conflict with the United States and allegations by both the United Nations and several Western Nations including the United States that Eritrea openly harbors and supports terrorist organizations. The Government of Eritrea (GOE) has been accused of anything from providing refuge of senior leaders of Al-Shabaab to supplying weapons to Somali Islamic extremists.
The main groups of import that the Eritrean government are accused of supporting are Al-Shabaab in Somalia and its opposition group Hizb Al-Islam, both of which seek destabilization of the TFG in Somalia and the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate in the Horn of Africa. Additionally, the Islamic Courts movement (ICU) is also active in Eritrea with ties to Somalia. Eritrea has a violent history against Ethiopia and has fought several wars have been fought between the two countries with war dead into the hundreds of thousands. Furthermore, I will explain how instability in this region concerns U.S. interests and how material support and attacks from Eritrea have affected U.S. interests in the region.
To fully understand the modern conflict in Eritrea, I must briefly cover the history in the country and the region. Prior ...

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