Corruption And Lack Of Public Power For Private Gain Essay

Corruption And Lack Of Public Power For Private Gain Essay

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Introduction: Corruption has become a worldwide problem. Every nation has some level of corruption in varied proportion. Some nations are highly corrupted while some have come a long ways into reducing the level of their existing corruption. Nonetheless, corruption cannot be completely eliminated. In any way, all types of corruption can be attributed to the manipulation of public power for private gain. In the next paragraphs, I will analyze the fundamental causes of corruption and determine the reason why corruption has been greater in countries with extensive government regulation. Also, I will assess the ethics surrounding corruption and the variation of its use across countries.
The causes of corruption
- Personal Interest: Greed drives people to always seek more than they deserve as it the only way of securing power without a sense of morality. Some people are driven by lack of proper education, negative personal experiences, or the need to secure political powers. Individuals with low income are likely to fall prey of corruption to provide means for survival.
- Cultural environments: Some business cultures tolerate the act of corruption. Consequently, in these cultures, rationalizing becomes the way out as they defend that it must be right if everybody is engaging in it.
- Lack of transparency at the institutional level: information is obstructed making it harder for people to make informed decisions.
- Inefficiency of regulations and laws: Tight regulations that weakens the system causing people to engage in illegal corruption in an attempt to evade the rules. There is also the lack of efficient controls to tackle the matter of corruption in the areas more prone [ to corruption]. In some countries mostly the develop...

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...ative degree in which each country engage in corruption, Davis and Ruhe conducted a research by using Hofstede 's typology framework. Their multiple regression analysis concludes that, “countries that are low in power distance have cultures where people question the leaders’ actions, and so there is less corruption. In contrast, cultures with high power distance involve a hierarchical system that may encourage corruption. A culture that is high in individualism emphasizes performance outcomes, with rewards geared to outcomes rather than rewards geared to personal connections that involve corruption. In countries with a universalistic culture, people believe that laws should apply to everyone equally” (Conklin, 2009).
Conclusion: Corruption, whether practiced in developed or developing country, is costly for any nation and should be fought by all means.

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