Corruption And Corruption Of Corruption Essay

Corruption And Corruption Of Corruption Essay

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Corruption is issue that affects to the country and its population, especially politic, economy, society, and environment. It is a problem that not distant to people because corruption is at every levels from the national to the local community, judicial system, military, business, and so on. Then it is absolutely important and involve with everybody in the world. Corruption is a part of an undeveloped system, for example the quality of life, economic development, education, and etc. Corruption can occur in a few countries that have an inefficient government and other factors. However, there is the definition of corruption that means “corruption is the misuse of public power (by elected politician or appointed civil servant) for private gain” (What is corruption?, n.d.). Besides the corruption that is to run people’s power to gain more advantage by dishonest, it also means people are in blind and do not care about corruption. And it is a gap which causes the authorities apply the power lead to corruption easily. Moreover, people spend the bribery to pick up something that they demand such as licenses. (The World Bank, n.d.).
Corruption has many causes. It becomes a major problem to all of people and living life, economic system, poverty of bureaucratic, conflicts of interest, and further. Causes of corruption are in the similar pattern in the countries that have a risk of corruption. The illegal actions that lead to corruption, including patronage due to the politicians wish their friends, family, relatives, or etc. to be the connection to gain the political interest easily. Hence, part of their connections, are not suited to be in the political position. The patronage makes the politicians and their connection holding the benef...

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..., by reason of corruption depends on the leader if the authorities do not corrupt, there is no one corrupt. The corruption will be set to be the action that against the law and if whoever corrupt, they must needs be punished by the law. The judicial system has to strong and transparency. Moreover, the government has to be examined by organizations, governance and private sectors. The ministry should publicly announce the policy to its people knows. It is not only the authority’s actions, yet it is about the conscious mind as well. Each one has to raise the awareness that against the corruption and shape norms, including honest with all of people. The people should not ignore or blind the corruption, they are be made participate to anti-corruption. In addition, there should have emphasized the penalty of corruption because it can form people are afraid of corruption.

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