Corrosion Inhibitor for Steel and the Environment Essay

Corrosion Inhibitor for Steel and the Environment Essay

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1. Introduction
The use of acid solution during pickling and industrial cleaning leads to corrosive attack on mild steel[1]. Acid solutions are widely used for different applications in industries such as pickling, acid cleaning of boilers, descaling and oil well acidizing. Hydrochloric and sulfuric acids are the most common types of corrosive acids used in such industrial operations [2].
Organic compounds are usually used to protect metal against corrosion as inhibitors in acidic media[3]. The efficiency of an organic compound as a successful inhibitor is mainly dependent on its ability to get adsorbed on the metal surface. most organic inhibitors adsorb on the metal surface by displacing water molecules on the surface and forming a compact barrier. Heteroatoms, such as sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen, and oxygen, together with aromatic rings in inhibitor structure are the major adsorption centers. The planarity and the lone electron pairs in the heteroatoms are also important features that determine the adsorption of molecules on the metallic surface [3]–[6].
unfortunately most of the corrosion inhibitors used for the control of steel corrosion in acidic mediums are toxic and environmentally hazardous materials. In recent years researchers have paid attention to the development of drugs as inhibitors for metallic corrosion. The choice of some of the drugs used as corrosion inhibitors is based on the following facts: a) the molecules have oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur as active centers, b) they are healthy and reportedly very important in biological reactions (i.e., not hazardous and environmentally friendly), and c) they can be easily produced and purified[2], [4], [7].
According to literature imidazole and thiazole derivatives ha...

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