The Correlation Between Student 's Growth And Involvement Interest Essay

The Correlation Between Student 's Growth And Involvement Interest Essay

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As a first year student, college is an excellent opportunity to discover one’s own sense of identity and interact with a diverse range of people. Unfortunately, everyone will experience moments of confusion, loneliness, or even disengagement during their college years, which may cause a lack of interest for campus involvement. Through many studies, there are several theories that determine the parallelism between a student’s growth and their involvement interest, which also provides helpful methods for first year students to overcome challenges during this time. As Luckyday mentors this gives us insight to how to carefully approach different situations from mentees while forming a lasting impact on their transition from high school to college.
Alexander Astin theorized that a student is willing to learn and growth if they are engaged into their environment. He believes there is a correlation between the amount of student learning and personal growth to the quality and quantity of the student’s involvement. For instance, first year students are highly encouraged to become involved in organizations on campus that best suits their personality and values. If these students are involved in any activity or organization and displays dedication and a strong work ethic, this could increase the longevity of their involvement period. On the other hand, Vincent Tinto theorized there are several factors that compels students to not partake in campus involvement, such as the feeling of isolation, the difficulty of adjusting to a novel environment, and the inability to remember past knowledge in order to apply it to present information. An example of this theory would be a first year student not wanting to become involved in activities because t...

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... to the situation. Also, if she is struggling in her classes, she should alert her professors during their office hours to explain the situation. If a couple of days to a week passes and the problem does not seem it is lightening, I can provide her with the information to the Counseling Services in Bond Hall to seek professional assistance. Whether or not she decides to participate in the session, I would have established a safe and comfortable environment for to express her innermost thoughts at any time. This experience, and others similar to it, is an excellent opportunity for a first year student to move at their pace to learn and master the developmental process. As a mentor, these situations will give me a chance to reflect on the complexity of my mentees’ behavior, so that I may learn how to better approach them in order to establish a meaningful relationship.

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