Correlation Between Post Concussion Symptoms And Neurocognitive Performance

Correlation Between Post Concussion Symptoms And Neurocognitive Performance

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Today, many contact athletes suffer from a common injury of concussion. The damage can cause serious side effects and permanently damaged. The shock posed by an impulsive force applied directly to the head or elsewhere on the body result in head injury, Which including linear, translational, and rotational forces with translational and rotational forces. The purpose of the study is to evaluate college athlete of type method of evaluation when concussed. The study expands over the years to show the damage or change in the athlete motor or cognitive skills. The study is experimental with observation due to the three type of methods used to examine the athlete over the years to see a different in memory and skills.
In the NeuroRehabilitation, The article of “The relation between post-concussion symptoms and neurocognitive performance in concussed athletes” is a study to examine differences in neurocognitive performance between symptomatic concussed athletes, a group of concussed athletes with no subjective symptoms, and a non-concussed control group of athletes. The experiment was analyzed the data of 192 participants included 78 concussed symptomatic athletes, 44 concussed asymptomatic athletes and 70 non-concussed control athletes. The method of the study was to test the athlete 's ImPACT test battery. The test is a standardized demographic questionnaire that requires the athlete to document relevant educational, sports participation, and personal medical history. In-season concussions were diagnosed on the basis criteria of any observable alteration in mental status or consciousness on following a blow to the head or body during sports participation. They were also observable any self-reported symptoms such as cognitive “fogg...

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...e the several tests of neurocognitive function following a concussion. When administered of test was more than 12 hours after the concussive injury, however the MACE lacked sufficient sensitivity and specificity to be clinically useful. The keywords of study are Military Acute Concussion Evaluation, combat operations, injuries, amnesia, test validity, neurocognitive function, and standardized assessment of concussion. The study is conducted in experimental design. The results of the experiment are no evidence supporting the use of the "Examination" section of the MACE as a tool to evaluate the presence of concussion if administered more than 12 hours after the injury, a use for which it was not intended. It is likely because the rapid natural recovery curve of concussions and the MACE score were not sensitive enough to detect an underlying injury distant in time.

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