Correlation Between Performance On Cognitive Tasks And Hormone Levels Essay

Correlation Between Performance On Cognitive Tasks And Hormone Levels Essay

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In 2005, the study; Halari et al was conducted in London. 84 participants carried out the study, 42 whom were men, and the remainder 42 were women. The aim of this study was to discover whether there was any relation between performance on cognitive tasks and hormone levels. The hypothosis of the original study was that women on average will gain a higher verbal fluency score than men, and Men will, on average, perform more accurately than women on mental rotation. The results acquired from 2005’s Halari et al prove this Hypothosis through 3 main findings. In the Verbal task, females outperformed males, in the Spatial task, males outperformed females and finally, that there was no relationship between hormone levels and either verbal or spatial performance. These results also rejected the Null Hypothosis which suggests men and women will not differ with respect to verbal and spacial performance. This experiment was recreated at The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand in 2015 to see if the same pattern is observed through conducting a Verbal Fluency Test and a Mental Rotation Test.

Our study followed a specific method to carry out these two tasks. In the verbal fluency task, Participants were given 3 categories where they had to write down as many items relevant to the category as possible in the time given. The categories given were fruits, animals and lastly, vegetables. Females; as expected, had a higher accuraacy for writing down more than the males in this task. Then we conducted the Mental rotation task. Each participant answered 48 questions which contained the images of two block shapes rotated in a different way and the participants were to determine whether they are identical or not. As expected, in this task,...

... middle of paper ... the difference between mean scores for men and women would have occurred by chance. The P-value alpha level is set at 0.05 (5%). If the p-value is less than this, we must reject the Null Hypothosis and accept the research hypothosis. If the p-value is more than this value, than we accept the null hypothpsis. The T test that was conducted showed us that for both the Verbal Fluency test and Mental Rotation test, the P-Value was .00. Professor Steve Simon (2012) claims that when SPSS programmes the p-value to .00, It is rounding the numbers and suggests to use the term (P = .001). Due to the p-value probability criterion of P < 0.05, we can reject the null hypothosis, meaning that the results are statisically significant. We can conclude that the performance of men fluctuates from that of women for the reason that the p value is less than 0.05 (P < 0.05).

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