Essay on Correlation Between Loneliness And Internet Addiction

Essay on Correlation Between Loneliness And Internet Addiction

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In a study conducted by Özdemir, Kuzucu, and Ak (2014), they examined the correlation between loneliness and Internet addiction. Turkish undergraduate students were asked to report their own perceived loneliness with the UCLA Loneliness Scale and the magnitude of Internet use for social interactions with a questionnaire. Of the questions on the questionnaire, four items pertained to loneliness and four items pertained to Internet addiction. Once data was analyzed for those specific items, a positive correlation was found between Internet addiction and self-perceived loneliness (Özdemir et al., 2014). Additionally, a comparison was made with other negative psychological attributes such as depression and lack of self-control. As a result, Özdemir et al. (2014) found that the correlation for Internet addiction and loneliness was greater than any other stigmatized psychological attribute. Although their findings did not infer causality, it did however provide motivating evidence to examine habitual use of social media and what effect it has on how an individual perceives sociability.
Prevalent research has been conducted regarding possible effects of gender and social media have on sociability. Literature suggests that the amount of social media use has a profound influence on the way people view themselves and others. This was the motivating factor in determining the interest in examining the effects of gender of a target person on perceived loneliness, while we manipulated his or her types of social interaction. For this qualitative study, we hypothesized that there would be a main effect of gender, such that the magnitude of perceived loneliness of males would be greater than that of females (consistent with Lau & Gerald, 1992)...

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...e of four groups. Depending on which group each participant was assigned to, he or she saw a different order of descriptions compared to other participants. Participants either read a description a male who interacted with people using social media, a female who interacted with people using social media, a male who interacted with people face-to-face, or a female who interacted with people face-to-face. For each description and questionnaire pair, the participants were told they were allotted five minutes to complete the task. Experimenters gave the participants a warning when they had one minute left to ensure task completion across conditions. After each condition, the experimenters immediately collected the completed questionnaires and had participants move on to the next condition. Once every participant had answered four questionnaires, the experiment concluded.

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