The Correlation Between Intelligence Quotient And The Iq Essay

The Correlation Between Intelligence Quotient And The Iq Essay

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At the beginning, the world was created and there were different species occupying it. There were plants, animals, and human beings. They were all creatures, but their constitutions were different at some points. Plants did not have the ability to think, nor a brain to accomplish cognitive actions while human beings and animals had. But, there were still a difference between humans and animals.They all had brain to complete cognitive actions but humans especially had the ability to think, to make decisions and to complete more sophisticated mental processes. They were intelligent beings, and possessed intelligence. From that time to now, humans have experimented several transformations of their intelligence. So, we now have the notion of intelligence quotient. Thus, today 's society realities are all about people 's intelligence quotient scores , and the unequal repartition of intelligence in people.
Nowadays, several test are done to asses humans ' intelligence and among which the IQ ( Intelligence Quotient) is the most important. An IQ is a score derived from tests that have the purpose to asses humans ' intelligence. The test that allows us to evaluate people 's intelligence in order to understand their behavior and even further to predict future results that are more likely to occur such as their future income, educational achievement and performance at work. The average, median score of IQ is 100, from it we can either add or subtract 15 IQ points to find other standard deviations. Scores are obtained by dividing the mental age by the chronological age then multiplying the result by 100. So, that is why the score 100 indicates the average and is taken as the norm. Thus, Michael W. Corrigan in Debuking ADHD showed how IQ is...

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...ies are not affected by that. As intelligence quotient scores are universally evaluated, the basis of those results are the same for everybody, whatever could be their origins. As a matter of fact, we do not all focus our intelligence in one universal domain, we all apply it in different domains. Some people can be intelligent in catching fish whereas others in doing mathematics. It is all about the importance attached to our needs. The expert fish catcher may be living in a place where catching fish is the only way to survive from hunger while the mathematician can be living in a place where doing mathematics is very important to get a job then survive. Both wants to survive, but the only difference is the environment they live in. They both have developed their intelligence in what is important for them and therefore are all intelligent in some ways.

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