Correlation Between Happiness and Money Essay

Correlation Between Happiness and Money Essay

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Happiness seems like a very complex issue, encompassed of individual and cultural differences. Therefore, attempting to acquire data to analyze it can formulate a difficult analysis. However, the question arises, is there a relationship between happiness and money? The basic understanding of not having money to cover basic needs causes a great amount of stress. Conversely, once basic needs are met, how does money affect pleasure? Another question arises, is there a magic income that maximizes happiness? Are there people who opt for very little money and desire further for happiness.
Our team has chosen to sample people of varying income levels, professions and ages to uncover the true sense of happiness with regards to their spending and consumption habits. Our teams goal is measure, define and analyze this relationship. Thus, uncovering what our sample size beliefs and thoughts are in regards to this relationship.
Why our questions are relevant?
As previously identified, our team prospects compiling an analysis on a sample size to provide responses to the correlation between happiness and money. In order to analyze the data, we’ve compiled a list of questions for a representative sample size. There is significant importance to these questions so they were carefully chosen to be able to compile what was needed.
There are 25 questions over all, each covering various topics of the areas we wanted to analyze. The questions are basic to understand, however focus on the following categories: Aspirations, celebrations, charity, desired career, education, happiest moments, significance of money, income, necessities and savings, restaurants, state of happiness, stress relief, the liquidity of happiness, time usage, veh...

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...icity. It is amazing to see that every person has his/her own reason for happiness. As each of us grow older our sense of happiness changes. As children our favorite toys, teddy bears, bicycles, popsicles, and ect keep us happy. On the other end as we get older money, relationships, jobs (some), clothes, cars, and etc tend to keep us happy. Happiness is always a changing point in different stages of life.

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