Correlation Between Extra Curricular Activities And Grade Point Averages

Correlation Between Extra Curricular Activities And Grade Point Averages

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In order to investigate the development of the correlation between extra-curricular activities and grade point averages, numerous viewpoints were explored. Addressed in this chapter is the reason why GPA’s have become so pivotal to the projection of students’ success in the future.
A few studies in the 1960’s disclosed that athletic involvement had a negative effect on student grades. One group of investigators analyzed over 40 different studies and determined that non-athletes performed better in academics than students participating in athletics (Stephens & Schaben, 2002). Most high school students were not worried about maintaining a great GPA for admittance into colleges. They sustained a GPA just high enough for them to be eligible to partake in sports or other activities. These programs helped to create their identity. These programs allowed participants to build not only self-confidence and self-esteem, but also gain social status among their peers. Being accepted was more important than getting good grades for most student-athletes during this era.
During the 1960’s and 70’s, middle and high school sports were quite restricted. Students had very limited opportunities to participate extra-curricular activities. There were very few female sports and Title IX did not exist. Sports and other programs did not become an integral part of school until the next generation.
Peer acceptance is most sought after during the pre-teen to young teenage years. Gordon (1957) surmised that academic standing not as important to students as social status and peer acceptance. Schwartz and Merten (1967) also found that adolescents they studied “were mainly concerned with social status, as well as with areas in which they could actively pa...

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...lass because of in-school suspension or out of school suspension. This way student-athletes know the severity of not completing assignments or misbehaving in class which will help them perform better academically.
Recent numbers have shown positive effects for students who compete in numerous extra-curricular programs. Another benefit of extra-curricular is team building skills and collaborative conduct. Students are taught to value teamwork and commitment, which helps to keep them focused on the overall goal. Extracurricular activities also support well-being for students, even after graduation. This is a goal of all institutions. Not only do the activities promote self-image, they also endorse sense of community, citizenship, and sportsmanship. These characteristics are used the rest of the students’ lives to help them in their careers, families, and communities.

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