Essay about The Correlation Between Church Size And Apportionments Per

Essay about The Correlation Between Church Size And Apportionments Per

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Since 2008, apportionments have decreased by over 2% in relation to the total amount of gifts coming into the conference’s churches. Thus, Tennessee is paying a lower apportionment rate per gifts.
Figure 17 – Conference Apportionments Paid per Attendee

Figure 17 displays how much each attendance size group paid in apportionments per attendee. For example, churches with an average weekly attendance of 1,000 plus paid, on average, $358 for each attendee in apportionments. This figure expresses a trend in relation to church size and apportionments per attendee. Furthermore, the range or deviation from the conference average is large for Tennessee. Thus, smaller churches may be strained to pay their apportionments while larger churches are able to find new sources of gifts.  
Figure 18 – Percent of Conference Apportionments Paid

Figure 18 displays the variance of apportionment payout rates in Tennessee. Please note that these figures do not contain any additional contributions or supplemental funding by the conference to apportionments. Rather this figure contains only what the churches paid towards apportionments. Figure 18 shows that Tennessee average payout rate of 91%. It seems that church size may have an effect on this rate. Moreover, Figure 17 and Figure 18 relate to each other as apportionments paid relate to lower payout rates. Thus, Figure 17 is less likely to relate to singularly lower apportionment amounts, rather reflect the lower payout rates and potential inability to gain funding.  
Figure 19 – Total Unpaid Conference Apportionments and Non-UMC Giving
$1: $2.60
For every $1 of unpaid apportionments, Tennessee churches paid on average $2.60 for other benevolences that are not related to the UMC. This number...

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...ike renovations) at the individual attendee level. As a church increases in attendance size its per person non-capital spending increases.

Figure 22 – Capital Spending per Attendee

In general, the greater the average number of attendees per church, the more the church spends on capital. However, churches with more than 1,000 weekly attendees skew the average. This attendance section is spending a large portion on building improvements, relative to its total attendance size. By excluding this group, the conference spends on average $296 per attendee. Furthermore, churches with more than 150 weekly attendees are above the $296 average, while churches with fewer attendees are below the average. Moreover, Group 50-74 has a relatively high capital spending, which could affect their ability to give to benevolences.  
Table 5 – Expenses per Attendee (Data Year 2013)

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