Essay on Correlation Between Academic Success And Hours Spent Working

Essay on Correlation Between Academic Success And Hours Spent Working

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There are many students attending university or other forms of upper level education working while still attending school. Factors that contribute to the number of students that work while at school ranges from the price of higher education being too high, gaining experience for a career after school, affording day to day needs such as food and many more. Regardless of the pressures facing these students, working while attending school may have negative affects on their grades. Studies have shown that if students are working over a certain number of hours per week, their grades can drop accordingly. In a study conducted by Salamonson & Andrew (2006), their results indicated a correlation between academic success and hours spent working:
That is, some part-time employment may have a minimal or even positive impact on academic performance but, beyond a certain point, academic performance will drop significantly in proportion to hours spent in part-time employment (Salamonson & Andrew, 2006 p. 343)
The affect part time affect has on students varies between countries. This is a result of some countries academics being less rigorous and demanding than others. The journals that were researched covered areas such as New Zealand, Estonia and Australia. Estonia demonstrated that their education was perhaps less rigorous than other countries. In the study conducted by Beerkens, Mägi and Lill (2010), results from Estonian students showed little or marginal difference when working under 25 hours a week. The study demonstrates this when they state “This means that either Estonian students are incredibly efficient, capable and hardworking in combing jobs and studies, or university studies are not particularly demanding” (Beerkens et al, 2010 p....

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...Zealand university: Does it pay to work? Journal of Further and Higher Education, 37(6), 864-882. doi:10.1080/0309877x.2012.699517
The intentions of the study performed by Richardson et al was to determine the affect that employment had on students attending a university in New Zealand. The study included 1837 students from the University of Canterbury. Richardson et al discovered that, as predicted, students who spent more time at work had lower grades than students who worked less. The study applied formulas to calculate possible marks that would have been achieved had students spent less time at work. What they found was that, on average, students would have earned a B+ rather than a B if they didn’t work during the term. The study also compared students who worked with mature students who worked and found that mature student’s marks were less affected by work.

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