The Correct Role Models to Go to University Essay

The Correct Role Models to Go to University Essay

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Wes looked up to Tony as his role model. Tony was like the only man figure in his life plus Tony was his older brother. The other Wes’ life decisions that were influence by Tony are beside We getting into the drug game, but also Wes having kids at an early age and getting out of the drug game then returning back to it. In reality Wes probably did the things his brother did was because he wanted his brother, his role model to be proud of him and to follow his brother’s footsteps. The importance of role models is having someone or people that we think has a successful life or that we feel that is going down the right path help motivate us to go down the right path and to teach us how to handle situations in a good manner. They also encourage us to overcome our most difficult barriers. Furthermore, as our role models began to get involved in our lives we began to have that same passion as they do; they are like coaches that stay by your side when you are doing bad or good.
My brothers are my role models and they always tell and help me when it comes to situations that I find difficult or when I feel like I want to quit. My oldest brother has encouraged me to go down the path of Engineering and coming to Wright State was another encouragement to go by. Not only does my family influence my decisions, but so do my boyfriend and friends. They can sometimes influence me to both right and wrong. It feels like they really do try to put themselves into my shoes. Wrong or right I take both into consideration upon choosing a solution to the situation at hand. With having both to consider it helps me choose a solution whether it was the right choice or not. As far as me having a role model at Wright State that will help me successful, I feel ...

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My long-term goals and plans for my future are to prevent me from financial stressing over the years of me finishing college. I would find ways to prevent me from stressing like working over the summer, scholarships and getting in-state tuition. I feel like I will work hard to achieve the success I want. I would like to an internship and volunteer my junior year. My other goal is to achieve my bachelors in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Doing little things like saving certain amount of money that I don’t need is one of my short term goal. Another one is having an excellent GPA to move on to my sophomore year. I feel like having short- term goals like this will help me achieve my long-term goals and I know you have to start off small to achieve something big. Furthermore, it is easier to do little things first and like it builds up to your overall goal.

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