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Correct Food Labeling Essay

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Consumers have a lot to learn about the food they buy, eat and compare and how the government plays a role in determining food labeling and nutrition goals of the nation. There are many entities included in the food system those being consumers, food processing companies, third parties, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Drug Association (USDA). Private firms also influence how the food will be labeled. The government creates a standard of safety and regulations on what can be placed on labels. In addition, the consumer can manipulate what the nutrition labels shows as most important because the company will push what is most attractive to the consumers. The government also comes up with safety measures to have a preventative and proactive food safety law versus a reaction to food safety problems. By the government being able to police the safety of the food and monitoring what goes in it, it creates a preventative system versus reactive. But it was not always this way. The government and interest groups are attempting to enhance the creditability of the products labeling and responsibility for what the company is producing and selling to the consumer.
There are many different methods of shopping some may be purchasing from large commercial farms which use pesticides, growth hormones and others unnatural products to produce their food in mass quantities and quicker. Also, food can be purchased from large or small organic farms that do not use these unnatural substances to enhance their foods. Either way, both must be reviewed by the FDA and USDA to be approved to sell on the market. The process of regulation and labeling is where we can gain an understanding of how much the government influences our ...

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