Corporations: Individual Profit Wthout Individual Responsibility Essay examples

Corporations: Individual Profit Wthout Individual Responsibility Essay examples

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Corporations, presently, are legal citizens in the United States. This legal citizenship guarantees all Corporations many of the legal rights that natural born citizens can enjoy with limited consequences for their actions. Presently since the law sees Corporations as “artificial citizens” many of the punishments for crimes committed by a Corporation are essentially null and void since these entities cannot cordially be punished for committing a crime as a physically living human can.
Firstly before delving into the complex interwoven legalities of Corporations it is imperative to know what a Corporation is and what separates it from another form of business i.e. a partnership, trust or a hybrid of both. The main difference between a Corporation and every other business type is that a Corporation is a legal entity that is independant from the people that own it (shareholders) and the people that control it (Board of Directors). Essentially a Corporation is a separate entity that can be taxed, enter contracts, collect debt, and conduct business separate from its owners. Another major difference is that when the owners of the Corporation die the company does not dissolve since it is separate from its shareholders/owners.
Though in order to be listed as an American Corporation the business must first meet a list of requirements. These requirements are that the company must have a quorum, 75 percent, of American investors, directors, and the CEO must be a citizen of the U.S. (United States Code: Title 46a,802. Corporation, Partnership, or Association as Citizen | LII / Legal Information Institute). These requirements are fairly easy for a business to attain and maintain.
A prime example of a Corporation eluding the law and its pu...

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