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Corporation Information Systems Essay example

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A Corporation’s Information Technology department (IT) aids in making major decisions on financial, security, and technological tasks/projects. When the IT department and the business act together to do so, a business can run the most efficiently and economically achieving maximum profit levels. It was stated “It is not necessarily what you make in a factory that counts; its what you do with the information that you own that brings in the revenue”(Rasiah, par. 2). In essence, the IT department helps with all the information, technology, software, and data decision making in a company. This makes the department vital to the company’s success. However, if a company did not have or invest in an IT department, many things could go wrong inside the company itself. The company would not be able to attain the full financial capability of its products as well as being able to run the most economically sound. In addition, one other potential risk a business could encounter with no IT department could be revenue loss in security and information databases. For example, if a company does not have a proper technological security system to keep files private from competition, that crucial data could be leaked, causing the company’s stock and product value to drop, ultimately making the company less likely to reach its maximum profit capability. Therefore, the IT department is a valuable asset to a corporation's success because it aids in a companies major decision making, secures technological privacy and data, and helps align a company’s sectors to achieve maximum efficiency.
An IT professional might be referred to as many different titles. An example is a “Systems Analyst”(Walstrom and Schambach 238) or if they were a manager, a “Management I...

... middle of paper ... need to have sufficient relevant data and when they do not, the economical part regarding decisions will not be maximized.
In conclusion, a company's IT department is crucial to the success of its products. When a company and its IT department align, it brings many “Benefits to businesses and more generally raising the productivity level of knowledge workers” (Walstrom and Schambach 235). The IT department is also crucial to a company's product and data security. Without the IT department a company can not reach its full potential financial capability and can lose a great amount of profit in products and business processes. Therefore, the IT department is a valuable asset to a corporation's success because it aids in a companies major decision making, secures technological privacy and data, and helps align a company’s sectors to achieve maximum efficiency.

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