Essay on Corporate Understanding of Social Media Use

Essay on Corporate Understanding of Social Media Use

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Corporate Understanding of Social Media Use
Do you “Like” companies on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or other social media sites so that updates from those companies are available on your social media pages? The move of corporations into the social media realm has been tentative but more are venturing into the habit of creating pages that promote their companies. However, social media is by design a two-way conversation in real time, and many companies are still struggling with this concept and understanding how to use it to their corporate advantage.
Two-Way Conversations
Customer service is the standard way that companies have historically had conversations with their customers. A good customer experience guaranteed that a few more potential customers would hear about your company by word of mouth. Paul Gillin (2009), stated that “Conversation marketing is going to become more and more crucial to reaching young customers and addressing customer preferences (pg. xiv)”. Constitutive moments prove that the influence of the word of mouth marketing, both constructive and destructive, is now going to be available to millions of people via the Internet. Companies engaging in effective social media use understand that two-way conversations have to occur timely, and without significant lag (Ennes, 2011). Social media are most useful when the conversations are at minimum two-way, however they can have multiple contributors.
Corporate Use. Three years ago, 2,100 companies were surveyed and of those 79 percent were planning to use social media in the future with only 58 percent actually using those (Ennes, 2011). Most companies had a difficult time identifying what social media could actually do for their company and only 12 percent of t...

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... business and struggle to maintain a presence that is pertinent to their customers.

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