Corporate Sustainability Reports Essay examples

Corporate Sustainability Reports Essay examples

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Corporate sustainability reports help the company to provide a high level overview of its efforts to make a sustainable difference in the world. Corporate sustainability reports entail the economy, human rights, every aspect of working conditions, governance of organizations, the impact on the environment, relationships with consumers, product responsibility, and the organization with respect to society at large.
Through the corporate sustainability reports, many companies want to be the largest in production by ensuring the best at improving home life in the society. Many corporations issue annual reports on their progress toward sustainability. The Ford Company is an example of such corporation. For the Ford Company structure, the core business model is using resources responsible for creating long-term value as a corporate citizen and global competitor.
Lewis Oil Refinery does not issue its annual corporate sustainability reports because their interest to make a profit is put forward by the company as the main objective. In this case, they neglect the social interests of the people living around. The company pollutes the nearby river with toxic materials and produces much noise when processing the products. After a discussion at the annual general meeting with the management, the company plans to reduce the noise pollution and find an appropriate dumping site, which will meet the interests of the people as it will bring harmony and peace of mind.
Companies combine the power of innovation and regard the importance of the environment that amuse customers, nurture communities through social responsibility and collective impact, and ensure transparent communication on key points. Many companies have the interests of making profit,...

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...that fall outside company regulations can be suspended, demoted, or even fired. Employees who act ethically and follow the rules will get them ahead in the business. Good ethics in business makes durable business interactions that, in turn, result in lower product costs, loyalty of the customers, and provide sources of investing for company progress. Keeping good ethics stands these strong relationships in business and benefits the company and its business interactions.
In conclusion, business decisions should not be focused on the degree of making profit alone, but should consider other factors such as consequences to the society. Decisions about the activities that run in a business should consider the welfare of the people in the society. A manager must act in a way that chains the accomplishment of the corporate social responsibility mission of the organization.

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